Greenwood PCN strives to develop high quality healthcare services for all our patients. Find out below what primary care services we have to offer.

Clinical Pharmacists

Our Clinical Pharmacists take management of patients with chronic diseases and undertake clinical medication reviews to proactively manage people with complex polypharmacy, especially the elderly, people in care homes, those with multiple co-morbidities (in particular frailty, COPD and asthma) and people with learning disabilities or autism.

Social Prescribers

Our Social Prescribers as members of the PCN’s team of health professionals takes referrals from the PCN’s Core Network Practices and from a wide range of agencies to support the health and wellbeing of patients assess how far a patient’s health and wellbeing needs can be met by services and other opportunities available in the community.

First Contact Physiotherapists

Our First Contact Physiotherapists diagnose, triage, and manage patients who self-refer or from a clinical professional within the PCN, and also refer to other health professionals within the PCN. In addition our First Contact Physiotherapists strengthen links for wider services through clinical leadership, teaching and evaluation. Furthermore First Contact Physiotherapists integrate and tailor care programmes in partnership with patients, providing a range of first line treatment options including self- management, referral to rehabilitation focussed services and social prescribing.

Care Coordinators

Our Care Coordinators support our patients to utilise decision aids in preparation for a shared decision-making conversations. In addition Care Coordinators bring together all of a patient’s care and support needs, and explore options to meet these within a single personalised care and support plan (PCSP), in line with PCSP best practice, based on what matters to the patient. Help patients to manage their needs through answering queries, making and managing appointments, and ensuring that patients have good quality written or verbal information to help them make choices about their care.

Physician Associates

Our Physician Associates are first point of contact care for patients presenting with undifferentiated, undiagnosed problems by utilising history-taking, physical examinations and clinical decision-making skills to establish a working diagnosis and management plan in partnership with the patient and their carers. In addition our Physician Associates will also support the management of patient’s conditions through offering specialised clinics and provide health/disease promotion and prevention advice, alongside analysing and actioning diagnostic test results.

Health and Wellbeing Coach

Our Health and Wellbeing Coaches provide personalised support to individuals, their families, and carers to support them to be active participants in their own healthcare empowering them to manage their own health and wellbeing and live independently through coaching and motivating patients through multiple sessions to identify their needs, set goals, and supporting patients to achieve their personalised health and care plan objectives.

Pharmacy Technician

Our Pharmacy Technicians are placed in patient facing and patient supporting roles to ensure effective medicines use, through shared-decision making conversations with patients. In addition Pharmacy Technicians also complete tasks including effective medicine administration, supporting medication reviews, and medicines reconciliation.

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